Naer - Trailer

We first tested Naer when it was still in its infant stages. And to be honest, we weren’t fans. Having a VR headset strapped to the face sounded to us like a creativity killer.

So we were hesitant when Sondre Kvam and Andreas Ore Larssen (founders of Naer) approached us to Art Direct their launch trailer.

That quickly changed when we stepped back into Naer for the first time in two years. Seeing how much they had tweaked every interaction. How the world was now a place we would actually want to spend time in. And how it brought human interaction and closeness back into digital work.

It was like entering Hogwarts for the first time.

So thanks to the team at naer® for all the work you guys have put in the product over the years.

Thanks to the team at DualNorth Studios for capturing, composing, and realizing the vision we had for the product.

And thanks to everyone for dealing with our crappy David Attenborough impressions. We’re glad we found a professional voice actor for this one.

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