Kvist - Super easy environmental certification

It should not be difficult to build environmentally friendly. However, heavy processes in construction projects lead experts to drown in frustrating paperwork.

We're not saying the construction industry is dinosaurs, but the industry is characterized by heavy and slow processes. Kvist understood that if you want to turn the construction industry in a green direction, you have to build tools that help companies cross the finish line.

That's why they have developed software that makes the path to environmental certification fast and predictable. With several of Scandinavia's largest contractors on the client list and ready to scale, Umble was contacted to help with UX and branding.

"It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Umble! They are consistent in their communication and have dedicated experts who understand what needs to be prioritized in terms of design. They have delivered a design system that we use effectively every single day, and a rebranding that we can genuinely be proud of.”

  • Thomas Rankin, Product Manager, Kvist

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