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Hospitals do not need to be limited by the tools they use. If the goal is to simplify the daily routines for healthcare professionals and patients, we must create solutions that facilitate this.

This is what Diffia has achieved with the Nimble app, where they have lowered the barriers for effective collaboration with patients, whether they are in the hospital or receiving home care.

With an increasing number of users, they needed a new user interface that could meet the new requirements. With a growing product team, they needed a new design system to improve production flow and scale the product in the future.

And that's how Diffia and our paths crossed.

"We received invaluable assistance from Umble when we needed it most. The deliveries were always of the highest quality, whether it was about further developing our design system, gathering user insights, or designing new features in our solution. Creating good solutions for healthcare professionals and patients demands a lot from a designer, as the domain is complex and the requirements for user-friendliness are high. Umble tackled this challenge with ease!"

  • Vetle Slagsvold Støre, Chief Strategy Officer

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